For Cedar City restaurants and other businesses, your grease trap may not seem like a high priority, but when there's a problem, it will surely jump up the list in a hurry. Hero services is the answer for grease trap issues and we provide an array of services designed to keep your grease trap in perfect working order and respond to problems. The following list is a sampling of the grease trap services we perform:

  • Grease trap pumping
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Grease trap repairs
  • Restaurant service
  • Supermarket service
  • Cooking oil disposal
  • Grease storage systems
  • Scheduled grease trap maintenance
  • Emergency response

The main issue with grease traps in Cedar City is that you often don't notice a problem until it's too big to ignore. While scheduled, preventative maintenance is clearly the way to go, Hero services is also ready to respond to emergency situations with rapid and effective solutions like pumping, grease disposal, effective repairs, and temporary grease storage.

If you're business is just getting started, then it pays to contact Hero services for an affordable grease trap inspection. We'll take a look at your system and let you know where we see potential issues. From there, we can also provide scheduled grease removal services as well as periodic flushing and cleaning services to keep your system at optimal functionality.

Call 435-586-2756 to speak to a friendly member of the Hero services team about our grease trap services.