For many events in Cedar City that draw a crowd, even a small number of people can stretch the infrastructure capabilities to the max, especially in the case of bathrooms and toilets. To meet the increased demand, Hero services is a friendly, local company that specializes in a wide range of portable toilet services. Whether it's portable toilets for a wedding, a sporting event, or a long-term construction site, our equipment will make sure that your crowd's basic needs are well taken care of.

  • Portable toilets
  • Wheelchair-accessible and ADA portable toilets
  • Holding tanks
  • Urinal stations
  • Hand wash stations
  • Combo units
  • Female-only portable toilets
  • Toilet trailers
  • Portable showers

Nothing is worse than attending an event that hasn't prepared properly to match the attendance. Long lines for a restroom can be a big problem and seriously detract from the experience of a family reunion or company picnic in Cedar City. Imagine missing half of a concert waiting on a bathroom to be free and it's easy to see the need for portable toilet services. With Hero services, the worry will be gone and you can get back to enjoying the event at hand.

Using only the best equipment, your guests will not only have access to portable toilets, they'll also be treated to a clean, sanitary environment that is professionally managed by Hero services. From movie filming sets to farm harvests, our portable toilets are the perfect answer to that basic question of where to use the bathroom.

Don't let a lack of bathrooms affect your special event or work site – call Hero services at 435-586-2756 to book your portable toilets today.