Whether you own a Cedar City car wash, auto dealership, or industrial facility, there's a good chance that you have a sand trap and an even better chance that it needs to be serviced. Locally-based, Hero services works with many businesses just like yours to ensure that your sand traps are working properly. In addition to standard maintenance, we also offer a number of services specifically designed for Cedar City locations with sand traps:

  • Car wash service
  • Auto dealership service
  • Industrial property service
  • Swimming pool service
  • Oil-water separation
  • Sand trap pumping
  • Sand trap cleaning
  • Sand trap flushing
  • Sand trap maintenance and repairs
  • Waste removal and disposal
  • Sand trap/interceptor installation

As an all-in-one sand trap solution, Hero services will start with an inspection of your existing sand trap system and determine the root cause of the problem rather than just pumping out the material only to have the same problem quickly return. Our goal is a perfectly-performing sand trap and our scheduled maintenance will take care of any small problems before they turn into big ones.

At Hero services, we're completely local, which means that when you need same day service or a fast response to a sand trap situation, we'll be there. With a reputation for immediate solutions, there's a reason why so many Cedar City businesses keep our number close at hand.

Your problematic sand traps are no match for the experience and knowledge of Hero services. Call us at 435-586-2756 today to start service.